Plastic Surgery Party ( cutting up the credit cards)

We did it! We have freed ourselves from the shackles of debt! We have been together for 15 years! 15 years is a long time. We practically raised each other! And while we have had lots of highs and lows, there is only one thing that stayed the same! WE lived in lots of credit card debt. WE believed that school loans,credit cards and car payments were part of living the American dream. Everything was leveraged and lots of things were bought that we could not afford and never needed! The stress was more then unbearable and everything was breaking down including my health. I had already been diagnosed and was barely able to walk much less care full time for our babies. We had to hire help and had mounting health care expenses! We were quickly drowning in the mess we had made! The only way out seemed to be to go our own ways, but all we had was debt !

But just like my cancer had reawakened my commitment to become healthy again. Our debt reawakened our commitment to fix our marriage and our money mess! Our lives changed for the very best when my BFF sent me  an email of an upcoming Dave Ramsey class! It was 9 weeks at her church with free childcare and refreshments. We literally just had to commit and show up! The HUBS agreed but I think it was mainly the  1.5 hour of free childcare that motivated him!

But we did it! We followed Dave’s plan! We paid off our small debts home depot, hospital bills, Kohl’s card. Then we moved to bigger things like cars and finally we had a plastic surgery party. We sat down with our kids and 22 open credit cards and we cut them up and closed them down. 22 cards between the two of us! We have absolutely NO credit cards….none and I am happy to report that our lives improved  for the very best! We pick and choose the things we want to do and have the money to do! And by using cash you feel your purchases and in our case we spend less!

I recommend taking his class and getting organized from your home to finances to wills to life insurance to giving like no one else. This class not only saved us from finanicial ruins, but it saved our marriage! We are now living free of credit cards and have paid off all of our debts! The HUBS has even found a CAUSE that he sits on the board for AND enjoys giving from his heart. This would never have been possible a year ago.

I know my friends and family are so sick of hearing Dave Ramsey’s name….after all we are debt free and that is WEIRD now. But I will forever be grateful to him! One day I plan to drive to his RADIO show in Tennessee and do our debt free scream! That is on the bucket list for sure!

Get ready for us Dave Ramsey!

Until then we are now sacrificing, selling things, building things and throwing what we can to our rental property in efforts to pay that mortgage off!

But the greatest most bestest feeling in the world ( next to love and no debts) is that we have changed our kids legacy. We have helped shape a better relationship for them with regards to money. I hope they never have worry or fear with money but that they can be responsible and use it to help others!

I would love to hear from you! Have you ever been inspired to live like no one else? Do you live in debt or with a pile of credit cards? Is it stressful?

All things are possible!It is not to late to live the life you have always wanted!

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs: ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.: – Harold Whitman


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