Swimming with Solemon

I am head over heels in love. LIKE over the moon – crazy in LOVE.

Bucket List Success:  Swimming with a dolphin
Bucket List Success:
Swimming with a dolphin

I have dreamt of swimming with dolphins in salty ocean water since I was a kid! Playing at the beach, enjoying the sun beating on my skin, surfing the waves, but swimming with the dolphins was always something I hoped to do one day! Maybe one day if I was lucky!

Dan and I just celebrated our ten year anniversary! 10 years! We have been through so much in 10 years! But this time we were taking the honeymoon we never took 10 years earlier! WE did it ! We went to Cancun and had the most amazing time!

Just flying for me was a HUGE bucket list accomplishment! But I was going to feed/pet/kiss a dolphin. Nothing and I mean nothing would stop me!

I was beyond excited when the HUBS said that we were going to SWIM with the dolphins instead of just feeding them. What?! I was thrilled for 5 minutes before the panic set in.

The panic did not last long! The moment we got there I was on an adrenaline rush! It was an amazing moment. LIKE the birth of our babies….where there are no words to describe the aaawwww and joy and wonder that we were experiencing!

I begged the HUBS to leave me in Mexico to become a dolphin trainer! I so could do that job! But luckily he dragged me back HOME!

Have you swam with a dolphin before?

Meet Solemon! He is 9 years old and weighs 200 pounds!

Tell me what you have marked off your LIST!


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