Race an Exotic Car

We just celebrated the HUBS birthday last weekend! We had decided to only indulge in experiences from our BUCKET LIST!

So for his birthday I got him a dream car sprint in a Lamborghini . It just so happens that Groupon had an awesome special on this and  it was on my very own bucket list too ….so I got one too!

It was freezing cold the day of our drive.  Plus this exotic beautiful car had his top down- which made it even colder. Thank God for heated seats!! When you are numb and shaking cold from standing in a two and half hour line…..heated seats are a lovely luxury!

So the HUBS went first because it was his birthday 🙂

He tore it up! That car literally went from o to 100 in about 6 seconds. It took turns like I have never seen before and the noises it made were incredible! The Hubs must be practicing somewhere because he was really good at driving fast!

He said that it was better then a roller coaster ride and he was ready to go again. In fact he offered to drive for me too, but I was determined to mark it off my own bucket list!

Race an Exotic Car  check #14 off the BBBL

Race an Exotic Car
check #14 off the BBBL

and look at the shirts they were selling there. BUCKET LIST SHIRTS. I almost got one but decided that #2 and #3 on the shirt were not my preferences. I think I will make my own 🙂

unnamed (14)

We just made some awesome memories! So thankful to be able to fully experience and enjoy this beautiful life!


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