Grits are GOOD!!!!

I am 36 years old and just had GRITS for the first time. That is big since I am born and raised in the south!

WE just road tripped to visit my favorite sister in law and her beautiful family! We had the time of our lives. Over 2000 miles we conquered in a tiny hybrid Prius. IT was awesome!

WE camped in St. Louis, enjoyed Six Flags, City museum, and did lots of kissing and drooling under the Arch! Then we drove to Kansas City where my sister in law is living and working! This is my first time to the MIDWEST and I loved it! a little to far from the beach but all in all it is a wonderful place to live.

We made memories that will last for lifetimes!

But back to the GRITS! My brother in law is a talented chef! He can take healthy unappetizing food and make you WANT to eat it! He made shrimp and grits but the grits were grated califlower! YUMO…..

But for breakfast one morning, he made REAL grits! It was delicious! So I did it ….I ATE GRITS!



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