New Adventures



One of the biggest blessings is witnessing my babies learn NEW things and experience a new adventure!


Cam learned to ride a bike this summer and secretly I think he is mastering it! Check him out on his new big bike……





Another huge milestone in the Andrews Zoo is that my kids are both attending one school……woo hoo no more hours in two different car pool drop off ( those are a nightmare). This is our local school which is new to both kids and …….it has a bus! Even better! The kids are loving it and so am I !

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The happiest place on earth: Disney World!!!!

We survived taking the kids to Disney world. I wish we would have surprised them! But we told them and the seven hour car drive was a long one!

We enjoyed one full day at Disney and did about 12 hours of walking. I swear it took me three days to recover!

My son went on every ride and roller coaster and surprisingly my girl choose Dumbo ride over meeting a princess. What a smart smart girl! hahahaha

Marking it off the Bucket List but we will definitely go back soon. I would love to see the fireworks at Disney at night! I bet it is breathtaking!

Giraffe Love


I am in love with these beautiful animals. They are magnificent and so incredibly TALL. Yes I am so jealous of there height! I was gifted tickets for our family to go to the zoo. I am not a huge fan of seeing all these animals caged and oh lawdy on a hot summer day the smell is really stinky! But my soul wanted to be near these beautiful beings! Feeding them was just a bonus!


Oh and they eat romaine lettuce! An animal after my own heart!


I am a happy happy girl!


IMG_7205 IMG_7208








Grits are GOOD!!!!

I am 36 years old and just had GRITS for the first time. That is big since I am born and raised in the south!

WE just road tripped to visit my favorite sister in law and her beautiful family! We had the time of our lives. Over 2000 miles we conquered in a tiny hybrid Prius. IT was awesome!

WE camped in St. Louis, enjoyed Six Flags, City museum, and did lots of kissing and drooling under the Arch! Then we drove to Kansas City where my sister in law is living and working! This is my first time to the MIDWEST and I loved it! a little to far from the beach but all in all it is a wonderful place to live.

We made memories that will last for lifetimes!

But back to the GRITS! My brother in law is a talented chef! He can take healthy unappetizing food and make you WANT to eat it! He made shrimp and grits but the grits were grated califlower! YUMO…..

But for breakfast one morning, he made REAL grits! It was delicious! So I did it ….I ATE GRITS!


I got inked!

I did it! I almost wimped out, but luckily I had enlisted someone (much stronger, braver, and smarter )to accompany me on my journey to getting some INK! I think I am good for now -no plans for more tattoos in my future. And I will not lie…IT HURT. It felt like my skin was being burned off and those of you who know my pain tolerance will laugh. Of course, none of my best friends offered to mark this one off my bucket list. They are so wise! I did however pick a very short word……don’t judge please. hahahaImage

Race an Exotic Car

We just celebrated the HUBS birthday last weekend! We had decided to only indulge in experiences from our BUCKET LIST!

So for his birthday I got him a dream car sprint in a Lamborghini . It just so happens that Groupon had an awesome special on this and  it was on my very own bucket list too ….so I got one too!

It was freezing cold the day of our drive.  Plus this exotic beautiful car had his top down- which made it even colder. Thank God for heated seats!! When you are numb and shaking cold from standing in a two and half hour line…..heated seats are a lovely luxury!

So the HUBS went first because it was his birthday 🙂

He tore it up! That car literally went from o to 100 in about 6 seconds. It took turns like I have never seen before and the noises it made were incredible! The Hubs must be practicing somewhere because he was really good at driving fast!

He said that it was better then a roller coaster ride and he was ready to go again. In fact he offered to drive for me too, but I was determined to mark it off my own bucket list!

Race an Exotic Car  check #14 off the BBBL

Race an Exotic Car
check #14 off the BBBL

and look at the shirts they were selling there. BUCKET LIST SHIRTS. I almost got one but decided that #2 and #3 on the shirt were not my preferences. I think I will make my own 🙂

unnamed (14)

We just made some awesome memories! So thankful to be able to fully experience and enjoy this beautiful life!

Best Friends & Boots

This was the most fabulous day with best friends! I have my bestie and we have been best friends for the last 18 years.  Our daughters are the same exact age and are best friends too! Are we lucky or what?!

unnamed (13)

Apple Orchard 2013

So we decided to have a girls day and I insisted we had to have a list….a scavenger hunt list….a bucket list for a day . I wanted to cram as much fun and make as many memories  as possible!


  • pick apples
  • eat a apple fritter thingy
  • hayride
  • pedicure
  • buy boil peanuts
  • get a picture of us in cowboy hats
  • try on a pair of cowgirl boots
  • eat some thai food
tried on boots and hats ....check check

tried on boots and hats ….check check

Look how precious !

unnamed (11)


We made so many memories that I will forever hold close to my heart on that day. I am reminded of them every time I put on my new cowgirlie boots. They are my first boots ever! I am in love! I may just wear them every single day til summer!

check another off the bucket list

check another off the bucket list

We actually checked everything off our LIST except for an apple fritter ( I have never had one and would love to try it)…but we did have an apple donut and apple cider. Does this count?

I am counting all my blessings…..BEST FRIENDS AND BOOTS who could ask for anything more!





Kissing Princess


I LOVE THIS LITTLE PRINCESS. She is without a doubt the sweetest little person ever! This is an older picture! I know this because I have a full head of hair there and PRINCESS was just starting to get hair. 🙂

I love giving kisses especially to my girl!

Plastic Surgery Party ( cutting up the credit cards)

We did it! We have freed ourselves from the shackles of debt! We have been together for 15 years! 15 years is a long time. We practically raised each other! And while we have had lots of highs and lows, there is only one thing that stayed the same! WE lived in lots of credit card debt. WE believed that school loans,credit cards and car payments were part of living the American dream. Everything was leveraged and lots of things were bought that we could not afford and never needed! The stress was more then unbearable and everything was breaking down including my health. I had already been diagnosed and was barely able to walk much less care full time for our babies. We had to hire help and had mounting health care expenses! We were quickly drowning in the mess we had made! The only way out seemed to be to go our own ways, but all we had was debt !

But just like my cancer had reawakened my commitment to become healthy again. Our debt reawakened our commitment to fix our marriage and our money mess! Our lives changed for the very best when my BFF sent me  an email of an upcoming Dave Ramsey class! It was 9 weeks at her church with free childcare and refreshments. We literally just had to commit and show up! The HUBS agreed but I think it was mainly the  1.5 hour of free childcare that motivated him!

But we did it! We followed Dave’s plan! We paid off our small debts home depot, hospital bills, Kohl’s card. Then we moved to bigger things like cars and finally we had a plastic surgery party. We sat down with our kids and 22 open credit cards and we cut them up and closed them down. 22 cards between the two of us! We have absolutely NO credit cards….none and I am happy to report that our lives improved  for the very best! We pick and choose the things we want to do and have the money to do! And by using cash you feel your purchases and in our case we spend less!

I recommend taking his class and getting organized from your home to finances to wills to life insurance to giving like no one else. This class not only saved us from finanicial ruins, but it saved our marriage! We are now living free of credit cards and have paid off all of our debts! The HUBS has even found a CAUSE that he sits on the board for AND enjoys giving from his heart. This would never have been possible a year ago.

I know my friends and family are so sick of hearing Dave Ramsey’s name….after all we are debt free and that is WEIRD now. But I will forever be grateful to him! One day I plan to drive to his RADIO show in Tennessee and do our debt free scream! That is on the bucket list for sure!

Get ready for us Dave Ramsey!

Until then we are now sacrificing, selling things, building things and throwing what we can to our rental property in efforts to pay that mortgage off!

But the greatest most bestest feeling in the world ( next to love and no debts) is that we have changed our kids legacy. We have helped shape a better relationship for them with regards to money. I hope they never have worry or fear with money but that they can be responsible and use it to help others!

I would love to hear from you! Have you ever been inspired to live like no one else? Do you live in debt or with a pile of credit cards? Is it stressful?

All things are possible!It is not to late to live the life you have always wanted!

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs: ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.: – Harold Whitman

Kissing in the Rain


There is nothing more empowering then running outside in the middle of an all out down pour of rain. I wish I had captured HAMSTERS ( my sweet sons) shocked face when I grabbed his hand and begged him to run outside with me.  Next time I plan to have a dance party in the rain!