About ME


unnamed (2)

Hi! It’s me….JAIME aka Buttercup (my camp name).  I love so many things and there are still so many dreams I plan to dive into! I have been making my big beautiful bucket list and am having so much fun crossing things off! I want to leave behind happy memories and ignite sparks within the people I love to seize the day, dream big,do what you love, and make your own BUCKET LIST!

Don’t wait til you are 80 years old to start living out your dreams!

You could follow in my footsteps and awaken the day you are diagnosed with an aggressive rare raging cancer! It took my own near death experience to realize how fragile and precious life truly is. Life is good! I am amazed at what my cancer has taught me. Wagons full of lessons, but mostly WE ARE ALL HERE TO LOVE …..!

Don’t wait til you have health issues, chronic pain, a sudden injury or accident…..Don’t wait!

Now ….Today…..LIVE the life you have always wanted to live. Do it today!

I love so much- so deeply that I want to share it with YOU …and the world!

Make today Awesome!


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