My Big Beautiful Bucket List



1. ride a horse-
2. get some ink (tattoo)
3. Huge 40th birthday party💕💕
4. kiss a dolphin
5. Go parasailing
6. travel with the HUBS
7. take the kids to Disney
8. rent an ice cream truck for a day
9. drive an exotic car
10. live with NO credit cards
11. pay off our mortgages
12. kiss and dance in the rain with the kids
13. learn to sew
14. publish something
15. learn the art of meditation….learning from the best

16. travel to all 50 states ( conquered Missouri, Ga, Tennessee, Alabama, South Carolina, Florida, New York, Illinois, North Carolina…..)

17. Host a fundraiser or start a foundation that directly helps families impacted by cancer

18. Meet Dave Ramsey !!!

19. Try a funnel cake

20. Try grits

21. Hot air balloon ride

22. Go zip lining

23. Do four RAOK a month

24. Go to a football game

25. watch my kids grow big and enjoy there lives and successes

26. Take a writing class

27. Have awesome seats at a baseball game

28. take a retreat away with my girlfriends

29.  Throw the first pitch at a Braves game

30. buy myself an awesome pair of cowgirlie boots 

31. Learn to enjoy cooking and inspire the kiddos

32. Be in a music video  🙂

33. Learn to walk on FIRE…just once…maybe!

34.  Meet Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs!

35. Learn to grill

36. Meet Ed Sheeran

37. Feed a beautiful Giraffe

38. sleep at the aquarium beneath the sharks

39. Dance with Ellen on her show

40. Meet the cast of The Walking Dead or be a zombie extra… fun

41. Meet April from the show Chasing Life

42. Ride a camel

43. Learn to sail

44. Buy my own car ( all by myself)

45.Have a glitter photo session

46. Rediscover a new career path and put my whole heart in it …..I did it! I am a LuLaRoe fashion consultant…..super fun and the clothes are super comfortable and amazingly empowering!

47. Take my family on an all-inclusive trip to experience a new adventure…..coming up in May!!!


One thought on “My Big Beautiful Bucket List

  1. Well, technically I think you can cross off both 14 and 27. Unless you want to make 14 the publishing of a book, but you surely nailed 27 with this one!!

    And lets see…getting ink is a MUST! However, take your time and research, look at tattoos online and find one that is simply “you”. Trust me, you will know when you have found it, sort of like when you put on that one of 100 wedding dresses and you can FEEL it’s the one.

    If you decide on a roller skating birthday party, just make sure it’s a 70’s one so I can wear an Afro! lol

    For number 5, I will certainly go with you and hold your hand, but sorry… needles freak me out! 🙂

    As for number 7, the only advice I can give you is this… DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES GO IN JUNE OR JULY!! LOL

    However, number 8 can be done in those months!

    I am with you on number 9 as long as I am NOT liable for any damages! lol

    As a G.R.I.T.S (Girl Raised In the South), make sure to get grits from somewhere that makes good ones, or you will be turned off and never try them again! You can try mine 😉

    I can help you with the girls getaway weekend (I am SO down for that) and I can help you with learning to cook. In exchange you are going to have to tell me your secret to being so lovable, and how to be debt free!!!

    Love you woman!! xoxo

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